Surveillance Policy Crisis

When one person was elected by the people, they do have the trust on her. When also the senator was elected, the trust was in her to promote what is the concern of the people and not anything else. But on this concern, there is an open letter that was made to call the attention of Senator Dianne Feinstein on her action and decision regarding the Surveillance Policy Crisis. The government should understand that there is already a law granting different rights for citizens.


These rights though are violated to make a favor for the government. The people should have their own security and also have their own rights to have the privacy. But now it is being on the verge of not having that. In the effect of the surveillance crisis as called, there are rights given to the government agency responsible to record data that can be considered as a private one. They could ask them also personally. It is not good when even in the place you consider yourself safe is not already.

The issue should not be taken lightly as many people are not in favor of it. The government should not spy as it is considered as unconstitutional. The step being taken should be stopped and that citizens rights should be considered. There should be the maintenance of the rights of people as it is the duty of the government to deliver this service. That is why this again serve as a reminder of it.