The Ultimate American Food

It is already known worldwide that the favorite food of Americans is the hamburger. Who would not want to eat a hamburger? It is a food that you can choose what would be the filing even if there are standard ones if you do not know. Hamburger is one that is very easy to it and you can eat it fast so it is a preferable one. Whatever is the time of the day you can order and eat it. You can have it as a snack or as a meal.

The above has the infographic on the things that it is interesting to know about the facts that surround it. Now it is a serious business that other restaurants who do not serve them have reconsidered and have added the hamburger on their menu. It is not just a fast food business already but also restaurants located in each of the different cities and states. You can see how this one favorite type of food has various classifications due to its ingredients.

You can see some of the facts like what type of cheese is preferred and the type of bun also. The pounds of the meat and the cheese are written all above. Hamburgers have been around for a long time and so it is one that many options have been explored. There are versions that are very expensive due to what its made of. You can also have different versions when you travel to different states.