The reasons why Americans waste food

We all know that one of the problems that are not easy to solve and that exist around the world is hunger and poverty. Many people especially the ones who live in places that are in a war now also suffering from it. But why do still many foods are being wasted on one household? In America alone, there are still people who are not well in their financial status. Many have not yet recovered from the crisis that happened and so they are now living in poverty.

You can read in the infographic the reasons why food waste occurs. Even if there is the refrigerator but still food is wasted. That is because one of the reason is the ignorance of how to handle food. Even if people have knowledge of food products but sometimes it is lacking as there are still waste being thrown. Another reason is purchasing food more than what is needed. It then results in food being thrown as they could not be eaten anymore.

They may be destroyed and do not want the family members. That is why it is written that leftover that is not eaten and that contributes to food wastes. It is not a light issue that is why many people are making effort so they could help also even in small things by eliminating reasonsĀ to throwing food. You can also read other facts on food wastes that are occurring in the landĀ of America.