Superpower Journey

The United States of America has the influence that it can make around the world. When the country would suffer loss, the other countries would also be affected. In history, America is a superpower and still maintain a very great contribution and also effect on the other nations. It has the power and it can support one nation or not. The American place is one that is admired by many people and many migrate there to be able to have a good life and also bring their families.

They have changed their citizenship already to become American as they want to enjoy the benefits of being an American. That is because America is known as a superpower. There are many contributions America has made into the other worlds. In war, they have helped and they themselves make an effort to help the countries rebuild. In that, it has already established its standing.  While countries are in ruins, they have safe keep the improvements already made and so they did not spend much in rebuilding.

Along the way, it has made itself a powerful nation little by little. That is because, after WWII, many immigrants came to America and made their contribution to society. There are many from various nationalities that have come so that they also could have a better life. They already saw the goodness of staying in America and had made effort to live a good life. Many ideas and new workers are present and they have made contributions.