People And Government

It should be the ideal situation that the government would function for the people. The people should support the state so that it could have the resources to provide their needs, to impose laws and regulations, to deliver needed government services and many more. The government is one that is powerful that it has the authority. In some countries who have the leader as the one that should have the final say and they are not democratic, it is not easy to live the way you want.

But as we live in a democratic government so we have the right also to have complained about what we see to be an injustice. We have the right to be able to question a politician if we see that what he or she is doing is not that good for the benefit of all. The people have the right but sometimes they are not exercised. Or they are overly exercised. One thing could become an issue even if it is a simple one that could be solved easily.

That is why it should be a partnership of the government and of the people. But because of different views and also of actions that there are many things that could happen that is not good. Even the very intelligent person who shifted to politics could be very criticized because of his views. When not in politics, he is respected but politics have turned some tables that make differences and hindrances that should be solved.